Thursday, November 29, 2012

"I'll just say it's a contract...."

I haven't had a chance to post this week; I spent the weekend at my parents' house, then had a bunch of work to catch up on.  But, here I am at last.....I went to the UPS store earlier today to overnight my finalized contact with the cryobank along with a money order for one years' storage.  I'm most definitely NOT storing my entire supply for a whole year, because I hope to be good and pregnant a year from now.  I can get the pro-rated difference back if I end up using all six vials of juice while TTC'ing and I still get the first three months free.  It feels good to know that no matter what, I don't have to think about storage for the next 15 months.  When they asked me to declare what was in the package, I told them it was a contract.  They asked me what it was for.  I replied storage.  They asked what type of storage, and you should have seen the look on the sales associates' faces when I told them.  The gentlemanly guy looks down at the keyboard, and says, "Yeah, I'll just type that it's a contract."  I'm glad I got some amusement out of it. 

On that note, you should see my night stand.  In addition to the mess of pre-natals, cod liver oil, and acupuncture herbs, I have now added moon cycle tea, red raspberry leaf tea, and fertility blend vitamins.  AF still hasn't shown up.  This is the height of my frustrations.  It's like my body is saying, "I know you're ready to rock and roll on the baby making, but I feel like f*cking with you a bit, so I'm going to throw you completely out of wack.  Oh, and here's two and a half weeks of PMS symptoms just to f*ck with you some more."  So, what am I doing about it?  Let's see...I already posted about the acupuncture.  I've been to the gym every day this week.  I'm trying to de-stress as much as I can (not easy).  I even broke down and called a couple of transgendered friends of mine to see if they had any progesterone.  No luck; they are both on estrogen only.  Interestingly enough, one of them said that she would pay me to take the progesterone off of her hands if she had it, because it made her turn into a violent psychopath.  Good to know what I might be like if I end up going that route.  I know the midwife wanted me to wait a couple of months, but I am seriously contemplating calling her tomorrow and telling her,  "I give up, shoot me full of hormones."  It's CD 60; the longest I've had yet, and I'm tired of waiting.  Ugh...          


  1. Thanks for sharing your story.

    I literally chuckled at the UPS q&a bit. Wish I'd been a lurking customer in the store to overhear that conversation. :)

    And when I started planning to conceive, suddenly my cycles were all wackadoo. I started panicking and thinking that maybe the fact that I had baby on my mind all the time had somehow convinced my body that it was prego and, therefore, it was thinking there was no more need for AF. I had to have a good sit down chat with my body. Lol! Hopefully we're back on track now.

    Anyhow, sending you warm energy.

    1. Thanks so much for you comment. It's good to be reminded that I'm not alone. I did call the midwife back, but she wouldn't prescribe the Provera until I'd been taking supplements for three months. I went to another provider who prescribed it. We'll see what happens. Did you end up taking Provera, or did you do something else? What was your experience like?