Monday, December 17, 2012

Problem-Free Provera (?!?) and Panicking...

The title says it all.  Remember the friend who told me to watch out for turning absolutely insane on Provera?  It hasn't happened yet.  Three more days to go, and all I have felt is a little tired, and some crampiness.  Nothing that can't be attributed to PMS.  Of course, the paranoid side of my personality is constantly wondering if it is even working, but we shall see. 

I did call one of the local CRM offices today to see about scheduling an appointment with an RE.  Although the website does talk about helping single women get pregnant, the huge packet of info (of course) is designed for couples.  Half of it is about my "partner's" health and social information.  I'm half wondering if I should fill out the donor's info, just to be a smart-ass.  :)

Although I haven't told my mother about my intentions to become a choice mom yet, I did call her today to ask about her history.  My mother did suffer from recurrent miscarriages, and I knew that she had some ovarian cysts that required surgery.  I found out today that she had her left ovary removed completely, and half of the right ovary.  Then she had to have adhesion reduction.  Oh all of a sudden, the "mass" the midwife found on my ovary on Friday is starting to freak me out.  My chances of becoming pregnant as a single woman aren't very high under normal circumstance, but factoring in these new developments makes the chances less and less.  I'm 28 years old; this should not be happening to me! 

I have been on the phone for forever trying to make an ultrasound appointment.  I have the order in hand, but they needed it faxed, because they refused to make the appointment unless they could see it. Called the midwife; she faxed it.  Then they called me back saying they had to call her back because need diagnostic codes.  Look them up for Christ's sake.  I have limited availability to get this done soon because of my work schedule, and I need to be able to have some answers already!

I am trying to stay calm, but it's not very easy.  I'm so tired of everyone telling me to wait and be patient.  I don't want to wait anymore.  At least if I turn into a total bitch towards everyone, I have the Provera to blame.       

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