Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Is there ever a right time?

(Old draft I am finally posting, lol).

Seriously, is there ever?  Let me explain.  It seems that there are all these things I "have" to do before IUI.  I had medical things to get in order.  Check.  I was "supposed" to lose weight.  40 pounds gone.  Check. Check.  I had to find a provider who didn't treat me like...well, I've spent enough time venting about that.  Triple check.

Now, I've been told to wait until I have a full time job in my field with better benefits.  By well meaning people, mind you.  But now I'm wondering if it's actually worth it.  I have a job that pays my bills.  I have insurance, although it could be a bit better because it seems NO ONE has a contract with them.  I have a place to live with an extra bedroom.  I have the option to move if I want to as well.  I have family and friends who will stand behind me no matter what.  And...I'm halfway through another Provera burst, which means AF will be showing herself shortly.  Anyone who has TTC in this manner knows that means choices have to be made.  

I became curious.  I hopped online to research drugs.  Freedom will ship me 1 Ovidrel syringe and 7 Femara tablets for the ULTRA LOW price of $106.50.  I can handle that I suppose.  I called Diamond and spoke to my IF nurse.  She assured me that taking plan B during the previous cycle (another post there) would not interfere with my TTC in the next cycle.  My insurance should cover my first ultrasound/follie check.  If I need a second one, I'll probably end up with a bill.  I can pick up my "juice" myself now, so no shipping costs there.  $150 for the "big show"  (they offer a decent discount if you pay cash that day).

I know the old saying goes that if you wait for the right time to have kids you will never have them.  I'm getting to the point where I feel like I've waited long enough.  What do you all think?  Should I wait and see for another cycle or just say heck with it and go for it?      

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