Saturday, May 25, 2013

BAM au trois, or, losing a gut to gain a gut....

And now, some more good news!  If you are a new reader, you can reference back to my post entitled, "Get Over It...Grr..." if you want the background on this announcement.  The short story is, I had a healthcare provider criticize me for my weight at the time because she was absolutely convinced I would develop GD or pre-eclampsia if I got pregnant weighing what I did.  She actually advised me to go on a crash diet.  After much feedback and support from all of you, I followed up with other medical professionals, including a medical endocrinologist.  Well, after a few short months, my total weight loss as of yesterday is 30, yes THIRTY pounds!

Ok, I'll say it:  "PUT THAT IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT BITCH!"  No expensive craziness needed.  Just treating my medical issues, and getting off my ass (well, I wasn't on it to begin with).  Now, I'm not one to really focus on numbers.  I'm wearing pants that are two sizes smaller than I was wearing this winter.  I like what I see in the mirror.  Of course, I see room for improvement, but I'm happy with how I look.  But, for the sake of modern medical "wisdom," I will say that my research indicates that another 11 pounds will put me in the comfort zone for a primigravida desiring an out of hospital birth.  Since I still have some time to play with, I will likely get there, although I am stubborn and persistent enough to make the delivery I want happen no matter what. 

So, what has this meant for me in terms of fertility?  I'm still not sure if I am ovulating.  I can definetly tell that the signs are there in more full force.  Last cycle, my sex drive increased BIG time right around what should have been THE TIME, if you catch my drift.  I also had tons of EWCM and felt a distinctive pain in my right side while driving.  I gave up on BBT a long time ago, but I did decide to check a few OPKs that I got on special (thank you Amazon).  No surge picked up.  There's also no point in paying for lab work if I'm not TTC.  Now, I'm not very excited about these signs, because I have had them before.  I also feel psuedo-O pains sometimes, because of the PCOS.  When you ovulate, a cyst pops.  Women with PCOS can feel cysts pop.  I am optimistic only because of the INCREASE in signs.

My overall conclusion?  I'm still not convinced weight and fertility go directly hand in hand.  After all, weight and PCOS do not directly go hand in hand either.  Like they told me in clinical research class: correlation does not automatically equal causation.  People of all shapes and sizes have trouble conceiving.  I've known women who weigh 120 pounds who needed to go the IVF route.  I've also known women who weigh around 250 pounds get pregnant on the first try multiple times.  Like H said once, it's a crapshoot. 

In summation?  I lost weight for me, not for any "expert."  They may want to take credit for "motivating" me, but nearly everyone who knows me can attest that someone telling me to do something isn't a motivator for me.  I am aware that some may say pre-pregnancy weight plays a major factor in what type of pregnancy and delivery the mother has, but also take into account that I had no other risk factors such as diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, etc.  You know what "well meaning" medical professional?  I will still probably need to order Femara from some well meaning Canadian pharmacist when the time comes.  If I am lucky enough to conceive when I'm ready, I will probably have the same kind of pregnancy I would have had at my previous weight.  For now, I'm simply going to enjoy my new body while I get to keep it.  And, that's end of it.  So there!     


  1. Hi, I work for a TV production company in Chicago, and we are working on developing shows about strong single women trying to have children. If you could post your email address, so that we can communicate further that would be greatly appreciated.

    Good Luck!

  2. I nominated you for a Liebster Award.