Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Day in The Life of a Wannabee SMC...Jami takes a picture; and the Riveting Mama Shoots Up.

I woke up this morning worried; yet again.  I got another smiley last night at around 10pm.  I decided to follow Jami's advice and go into the clinic first thing this morning.  No smiley this morning at 6:30am.  When Jami scanned me, she saw one mature follie on my right side (20mm).  She said there was no evidence that I had already ovulated.  She told me to trigger right away (~8:30am) and come in tomorrow for my IUI.

Is the timing on that one ok?  Is this maybe one of those situations where I should consider a B2B IUI?  I posted the question on the boards too, but wondering if anyone here has any thoughts on this.

On the plus side, my lining is at 9.8mm.  Looks like starting the estrogen patches earlier worked out well.  So, there is something for my little bean to snuggle into if I'm lucky enough to make one this time around.   

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