Thursday, October 31, 2013

Exciting stuff, or, the Riveting Mama enters another kind of 2WW....

Well, not as exciting as a BFP WILL be, but, let's see...AF stayed 6 days and, um, made her presence known.  It's now CD 13; mucus mucus, pinches in my ovaries, that solitary zit popped out on my chin this evening, and let's just say, my body is telling me that locking a man in my bedroom for about 36 hours would be a VERY good thing.  (Good thing I'm working through Monday lol).  Two natural cycles in a row?!?!  Could it be?!?!?  Guess I'll let you all know after a different kind of 2WW has run its course.

Speaking of work, The Riveting Mama sold out and got herself a respectable day job.  It's doing care management, staffing, and HR like I did up until a year ago, but private sector.  It's not the job I thought I'd be doing if I left my current job, but I'll still save lives on the weekends; maybe go patch up drunks in exchange for free concert tickets or something-haha!  It's salaried with benefits; and has a regular Monday through Friday schedule.  It's offering me stability, which, after some soul searching, is really what I've determined I need right now.  I've talked it over with my family, and they agree I should give it a go.  I haven't quit my current job.  I've learned the hard way that in terms of employment, it's not a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket in this day and age.   So, we shall see what happens there.  Wish me luck!

In other news, my next TTC cycle date is still undetermined.  I ended up having to deal with some legal issues (civil, not criminal; don't worry).  So, that means I have to come up with $800 for a retainer.  My lawyer is a good guy, but shit, is he ever expensive!  Well, there goes a couple of visits, U/Ss, and labs.  I'll keep plugging along though; I've got my storage paid up for another three months yet.  Really, this is an opportunity for me to keep getting in shape, building up my vitamin and mineral stores, etc.  I read that getting one's magnesium level up in the months leading up to pregnancy can seriously help with morning sickness.  I'm still in the game folks, just taking a little time out.  As always, thanks for all your support, love, and encouragement.  I'll be in touch!  


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