Tuesday, February 26, 2013

As you suspected...

Of course I didn't get a call from the RE office yesterday.  They called me bright and early at 8am on my day to sleep in.  However, the nurse was very chipper today, saying, "As you suspected, you have not ovulated!"  Ooo, do I get an award for that?!? 

So, it's back to the Provera, except it's 10mg for 10 days this time.  Does anyone know what the extra three days of taking it supposed to do?  Last time, it was only for 7 days. 

Onward to the fun!  Maybe if my chin grows all sorts of crazy zits again I'll get a pic to post here.  At least document the beginnings of my kid ruining what I have left of my looks :).   In the meantime, I found this cute pic online, and think it represents my uterus's future feelings about all the drugs I'll be exposing it to as well as my plans for introducing an occupant to its currently unoccupied living accommodations.    

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