Tuesday, February 5, 2013

That was fun...

So, that was fun....I went to the OB/GYN this afternoon.  I had origionally made the appointment last week, thinking I would need another round of Provera to bring on AF.  If I started taking it today, I would be on CD 3 when I went to the RE.  Well, surprise, she showed up on her own.  K, changes.  I asked for CD 3 labs.  I haven't been to a traditional OB/GYN for at least a year and a half.  Since it was a fairly short notice appontment, I got a new resident, not the doc I usually see.  I thought, "Fine, whatever; I just need labs." Oh if only it were that simple. 

First off, he acted like I should be going to the U of M RMC.  I told him that the clinic I am going to got better reviews than that one for women in my situation.  Then he argued that I didn't need an FSH, just AMH.  He asked me if I even knew what those tests were.   I told him I wanted both and why.  He told me he thought I was wasting healthcare dollars, but ordered both.  Then he didn't want to order an LH. He finally did when I told him that the clinic used it for a baseline.  He grilled me about the TSH, but ordered it given my borderline results in the past.  He agreed with the Prolactin and Estradiol, thank God.  But, when it came to the hormone levels to check for PCOS, he flat out refused.  He said that ogliomenorrhea and PCO (irregular cycles and cystic appearing ovaries) were enough to diagnose PCOS.  Correct me if I am wrong, but all my research indicates that hormones MUST be checked to make a definitive diagnosis and decide what treatment will be most effective.  But, I was tired of arguing with him at this point.  The RE can check those on any cycle day anyways, right? 

If only it ended there, it would be great, but it didn't.  He actually tried to counsel on me on proper pre-pregnancy nutrition, taking vitamins and exercise.  I asked if he had read my med list and the nurse's note.  He admitted he hadn't.  If he had, he would have seen all the vitamins, along with my exercise habits.  Then he wanted to tell me about what an HSG was for, but refused to order it.

Oh yeah, he also said I shouldn't be getting medical advice from an online forum (referring to SMC).
The best part was when he told me to come back and see him when I was pregnant.  I told him very politely that I had a midwife I planned on seeing if all went well.  He said freestanding birth centers are great IF you actually get to deliver in them.  WTF?  And people wonder why I didn't want to see an OB/GYN?!?  That is why, RIGHT THERE!

Ugh, well it's done at least.  Lab draws on Thursday.  Fingers crossed for good results.  Had a great day otherwise.  Just got home after class and drinks after.  I'll post when I get the numbers back.  Night everyone!   


  1. Ugh, sorry for your bad experience! I understand that it must be annoying for doctors to deal with patients think they know everything because they've consulted Dr. Google. But some of us have actually done research on our own situations and might know a thing or two!

    It sounds like you have your RE all sorted out, but if you're just doing IUIs, I can HIGHLY recommend Diamond Women's Center in Edina. The two infertility nurses are SO kind and have never been judgmental -- and they're good listeners!

  2. Sounds like a real pain in the ass. These people think they know everything but actually they don't. One of the many doctors that bullied me into inducing early tried to tell me that babies born at 38 weeks have no more issues than those born at 40 and that induced labor doesn't result in c section any more than regular labor. Yeah, right!