Saturday, February 9, 2013

Murphy's law, or, happy birthday indeed....

So, who remembers Murphy's law?  Anything that can go wrong does?  Yup, he had a point.  After verifying that the RE clinic I was going to later this month was approved by my insurance AND the clinc, I get a call the from some insurance specialist from the clinic the morning of my birthday telling me that my insurance will approve payment, but the clinic doesn't have a contract with them.  Lovely!  Thanks for telling me about this when I made the appointment, TWO MONTHS AGO!!!

I got off the phone.  I screamed.  I cried.  I threw a pillow at my bedroom wall, completely freaking my cat out.  I took a hot shower, calmed down (somewhat) and made about two hours' worth of calls.  I came to find out that this is the case with almost every fertility practice in my neck of the woods.  My insurance will pay for it, but the clinic won't take it.  So, guess where I ended up?  The U of M.  The clinic I didn't want to go to at all.  The clinic that, according to reviews, likes "rich, white, and married" women as patients.  The clinic the asshat resident was trying to steer me towards.  The clinic that has a high volume of patients and not many providers.  LOVELY!!!

It seems I have no choice but to go there, so next Wednesday, I will be seeing one of their NPs for an intake consult.  I called up dear old Dad, and told him his enforcer duties are beginning early.  We have an agreement that during my labor, he is going to be the one to make sure that my plans are carried out, and that things are done according to what I want; i.e. he is going to be the enforcer.  If anyone tries to subject me to anything unnecessary that I don't wish to have happen, they will have to get through him first.  He already agreed to come with me to the other clinic for support, and he is coming with to this one now.  He is going to provide support and help make sure that all the questions I have on my list are answered.  I'm so lucky to have him.

At this point, I'm trying to make the best of a not so great situation.  I'm telling myself that it is only a consult.  When the testing is done, very little of my treatment will be covered by insurance, so I can still go where I want for my IUIs.  And, I will be meeting with an NP.  Nurses are so much better at treating their patients like people anyways.

Ugh, happy birthday indeed... 

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  1. Agh, so sorry to hear this. I would have thrown something, too.